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fix admin gen m2m issue tableMap not found #139 #142

merged 1 commit into from about 2 years ago

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Jérémie Augustin Don't Add Me To Your Organization a.k.a The Travis Bot rozwell William Durand
Jérémie Augustin


This fix #139

I will add tests to prevent regression.

@rozwell could you test it ?

Don't Add Me To Your Organization a.k.a The Travis Bot

This pull request passes (merged 443f47c into c2036d0).

rozwell commented

Hello, I apologize for my lack of time...

Checked, works.

Thanks ;)

Jérémie Augustin

No I should apologize for the BC break ;)


@jaugustin no worries, happens :)

Could this one be finally merged, please?

Jérémie Augustin

I work on it today (add tests)

William Durand willdurand merged commit b174232 into from
William Durand

Ok merged, we'll add tests later.

William Durand


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May 29, 2012
Jérémie Augustin jaugustin [wip] fix admin gen m2m issue tableMap not found #139 443f47c
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  1. +3 1 lib/generator/sfPropelGenerator.class.php
4 lib/generator/sfPropelGenerator.class.php
@@ -183,7 +183,9 @@ protected function loadMapBuilderClasses()
183 183 // and all tables related to the related table maps (for m2m relations)
184 184 foreach ($this->tableMap->getRelations() as $relation)
185 185 {
186   - $relation->getForeignTable()->getRelations();
  186 + foreach ($relation->getForeignTable()->getRelations() as $relationN) {
  187 + $relationN->getLocalTable()->getRelations();
  188 + }
187 189 }
188 190 }
189 191

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