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I/O libraries for Scala

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Rapture IO

Rapture IO is a general purpose IO library for Scala, providing much of the functionality of and with an idiomatic Scala API.


Rapture IO is managed. This means that the API is expected to continue to evolve, but all API changes will be documented with instructions on how to upgrade.


Rapture IO 0.9.0 is available under the Apache 2.0 License from Maven Central with group ID com.propensive and artifact ID rapture-io_2.10.


You can include Rapture IO as a dependency in your own project by adding the following library dependency to your build file:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq("com.propensive" %% "rapture-io" % "0.9.0")


If you use Maven, include the following dependency:



You can download Rapture IO directly from the Rapture website Rapture IO depends on Scala 2.10 and Rapture Core, URI & MIME, but has no third-party dependencies.

Building from source

To build Rapture URI from source, follow these steps:

git clone
cd rapture-io
sbt package

If the compilation is successful, the compiled JAR file should be found in target/scala-2.10

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