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ROS driver for Prophesee event-based sensors
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Prophesee ROS Wrapper

Event-based vision by Prophesee

This metapackage contains ROS driver and messages for Prophesee event-based sensors. The following packages and nodes are provided:

  • prophesee_ros_driver - ROS driver (a wrapper around Prophesee Driver), including
    • prophesee_ros_publisher - publishing data from Prophesee sensor to ROS topics
    • prophesee_ros_viewer - listening data from ROS topics and visualizing them on a screen
  • prophesee_event_msgs - Prophesee messages:
    • PropheseeEvent - contains an event from a Prophesee camera (uint16 x, uint16 y, bool p, int64 t)
    • PropheseeEventBuffer - contains a buffer of events (PropheseeEvent[] events)

Supported Prophesee EVK:



  • Install dependencies, such as Prophesee Driver SDK

        sudo apt install prophesee-*
  • Clone the source to the catkin workspace ( (create a workspace)[], if needed)

        cd catkin_ws/src
        git clone
        cd ..
  • Compile

  • Source the workspace

        source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash

Getting Started

prophesee_ros_driver package contains the following ROS nodes:

  • prophesee_ros_publisher
  • prophesee_ros_viewer

Data publisher

To publish data from a Prophesee camera to ROS topics:

      roslaunch prophesee_ros_driver prophesee_publisher.launch

The following topics will be published:

  • camera_info - info about the camera
  • cd_events_buffer - buffer of CD (Change Detection) events
  • graylevel_image - Gray-level frame reconstructed from EM and CD events

Data viewer

To visualize data from ROS topics:

      roslaunch prophesee_ros_driver prophesee_viewer.launch
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