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augmented-ui from PropJockey


Old v1 Links:

Install: $ npm install augmented-ui Then include the /node_modules/augmented-ui/augmented-ui.min.css file before any stylesheets that use it.


Use your favorite NPM CDN and include it on your page before other stylesheets for small projects. Like so:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">


  • augmented-ui.css - Everything, not minified (core, border and inlay mixins, individual-region mixins, all-region shape mixins)
  • augmented-ui.min.css - Everything, minified (core, border and inlay mixins, individual-region mixins, all-region shape mixins)
  • aug-core.min.css - core only, minified
  • border-inlay-mixins.min.css - border and inlay mixins (and their delegate options) only, minified. Requires aug-core.min.css
  • region-mixins.min.css - individual-region mixins only, minified. Requires aug-core.min.css
  • shape-mixins.min.css - all-region mixins only, minified. Requires aug-core.min.css



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Help the developer follow their excitement and support augmented-ui with a monthly donation. [Become a backer]


v2.0.0 - August 30, 2020:

  • Complete rewrite
  • Over 200 aug mixins built on top of a new core feature set
  • Mixin Mixer:
  • Properties that enable clip augs at any angle, not just 45deg
  • Optionally equip augs dynamically from CSS using core, without DOM attribute mixins and without JavaScript (no more aug-attr-spliced.js!)
  • Border size and Inlay (previously "Inset") distance gained individual top/right/bottom/left options
  • Full support global user reach at 92.96%
  • Automatic elliptical border-radius fallbacks removed to simplify adding augmented-ui to projects with legacy browser support

v1.1.2 - March 5th, 2020:

  • Added data-augmented.css option for data- prefixed augmented-ui attribute.
  • Added compatibility notes for specific frameworks/libraries at the bottom of this README

v1.1.0 - September 9th, 2019:

  • Increased full support global user reach from ~70% to ~91% with -webkit-clip-path
  • Bought an old iPhone to isolate and feature detect the iOS issue found before launch, enabling -webkit-clip-path to be used everywhere else
  • Better docs:

v1.0.0 - August 31st, 2019:

  • Initial release
  • -webkit-clip-path support removed before release due to breaking issues on older iOS versions used by ~2% of global users