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Congress API changelog


  • Fixed DW-Nominate score loader.


  • Added last_updated attribute to list of members and member detail responses.



  • Added response for statements that mention a specific bill. (Issue 205)


  • Added gender to member list responses. (Issue 195)


  • Fixed invalid JSON bug in hearings response. (Issue 200)


  • Updated documentation to specify proper syntax for current member by district response for at-large districts. (Issue 196)
  • Updated chair and ranking member information for current committees. (Issue 193)
  • Added data for congressional committees for 113th and 114th congresses. (Issue 189)


  • Fixed several issues impacting votes by date responses and some individual vote responses. (Issue 192)


  • Fixed bug that resulted in list of committees requests not working for 113th and 114th congresses. (Issue 189)
  • Fixed bug that resulted in committees not displaying as part of member detail XML responses. (Issue 190)


  • Added more personal explanation endpoints, including responses for individual members and votes, and by category (docs here).


  • All not_voting attributes on JSON Get a Specific Roll Call Vote endpoints return integers instead of strings.


  • Fixed a bug with House Speaker election votes in Specific Member's Vote Positions responses.


  • Fixed num_results value on Get Recent Committee Hearings responses to show total number of hearings for the given congress.
  • Fixed num_results value on bills by subject response to show total number of bills for the given subject.
  • Fixed enacted date on bill responses and updated dates for 115th Congress bills. (Issue 89)


  • Added suffix attribute to member responses. (Issue 180)


  • Fixed bug with displaying At-large districts. (Issue 181)


  • Fixed quote-escaping issue with latest_major_action in some bill responses.


  • Added last_vote to bill responses. (Issue 177)
  • Made most bill responses (related bills, subject bills and cosponsored bills) match bill list responses. (Related to #177)


  • Fixed num_results on statements by member responses.
  • Fixed a bug with bill search JSON responses.
  • Removed HTML encoding from committeee & subcommittee member names and also bill sponsor names. (Issue 108)
  • Fixed an issue with the bill schedule loader.


  • Fixed vote responses to remove nomination details from bill attribute. (Issue 171)
  • Fixed bill loader to always load both official and short titles.
  • Added sponsors_by_party and short_title to Get Recent Bills by a Specific Member response. (Issue 163)


  • On statement search, num_results now represents the total number of search results (aids in pagination).


  • Added fec_candidate_id to member list responses. (Issue 165)
  • Added cosponsors_by_party to bills list and detail responses. (Issue 163)
  • For votes by date responses and votes by member responses in which there is no bill in our database, still display some bill attributes like we do on vote detail responses.
  • Added sponsor_id to bill attributes in votes responses. (Issue 168)


  • Added side and title to committee and subcommittee portions of member detail responses for 115th Congress. (Issue 160)


  • Added short_title to member responses (Issue 155)
  • Statement search now supports full text search.


  • Added bill_ids to Floor Action responses. (Issue 153)


  • Added bill_ids to Committee Hearing responses. (Issue 151)
  • Added url to former members elements in committee responses with link to Congressional Record section describing resignation.
  • Added parent_committee_id to subcommittee objects on member responses. (Issue 126)


  • Fixed unescaped quote marks in related bills responses. (Issue 149 and Issue 150)
  • Removed domain from member responses. (Issue 145)
  • Fixed bug that permitted committee API requests to use the wrong chamber. (Issue 139)
  • Fixed rank_in_party for joint committees. (Issue 142 and Issue 141)


  • Fixed unescaped quote marks in floor update responses. (Issue 146)
  • Fixed Senate subcommittees bug affecting committee responses. (Issue 144)


  • Added upcoming bills responses. (See Docs)
  • Member position response now supports offset parameter. (Issue 147)
  • Added chamber to committee members. (Issue 140)


  • Added sponsor details to related_bills responses.
  • Fixed vote detail responses for elections of Speaker of the House. (Issue 102)
  • Added amendment element to vote detail responses. (Issue 96)
  • Removed HTML encoding from bill subjects responses. (Issue 130)
  • Added subcommittees element to member detail responses. (Issue 126)


  • Presidential bill actions no longer have a chamber value. (Issue 123)


  • Added response for subcommittee detail. (Issue 121)
  • Removed HTML encoding in bill actions. (Issue 122)
  • Included side attribute in committee memberships. (Issue 119)
  • Fixed empty strings on some joint committees. (Issue 118)
  • Fixed committee name attribute on committee detail response. (Issue 115)
  • Removed HTML encoding in floor update responses. (Issue 112)


  • Make rank_in_party on committee detail responses an integer. (Issue 120)
  • Added committee id to committee detail responses. (Issue 117)
  • Replaced empty strings on committee responses. (Issue 118)
  • Added chamber to each committee on committee list responses. (Issue 113)
  • Added chair_state, chair_party and chair attributes to committee detail responses. (Issue 114)


  • Allow both as a value for vote date range requests. (Issue 95)


  • Fixed source and url attributes of Senate votes to use https: (Issue 91)
  • Added member details to vote responses. (Issue 97)
  • Removed HTML encoding of member and committee names. (Issue 84 and Issue 108)
  • Added bill_id to member vote position responses. (Issue 104)


  • Updated amendment responses.
  • Fixed Get Recent Bills for Member responses and added new fields.


  • both chamber parameter on Get Recent Bills now applies to all responses, not just passed
  • Fixed full name display for members. (Issue 70)
  • Added cosponsor_state and cosponsor_party to bill cosponsors response. (Issue 69)


  • Added full text search for bills.
  • Better null value display for bills and members. (Issue 36)
  • Added first, middle and last name attributes to Get Current Members by State/District responses.


  • Added has_bills and has_statements to subjects responses
  • Added sponsor details to bill lists responses
  • Made boolean responses for member#in_office and bill#active actual JSON booleans.


  • Bill detail responses now contain complete summary if available.


  • Added url to committee detail responses


  • Added chamber and action_type to bill actions responses.
  • Added committee_codes and subcommittee_codes to bill detail responses.


  • Added enacted and vetoed as types for recent bills responses. (Issue 18)
  • Display integers and boolean values as native data types in JSON responses. (Issue 26)
  • Added response to search bill subjects.
  • Added committee hearing responses.
  • Added personal explanation responses.
  • Added floor updates responses. (Issue 16)
  • Added response to retrieve bills by subject. (Issue 20)
  • Updated example JSON for bills responses.


  • Fixed bill action date timezone bug.
  • Added date_of_birth to Member list responses.