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MADlib Read Me
MADlib is an open-source library for scalable in-database analytics.
It provides data-parallel implementations of mathematical, statistical
and machine learning methods for structured and unstructured data.
See the project web site located at for links to the latest
binary and source packages.
For installation and contribution guides, please see the MADlib wiki at
The latest documentation of MADlib modules can be found at
or can be accessed directly from the MADlib installation directory by opening
Changes between MADlib versions are described in the ReleaseNotes.txt file.
MADlib incorporates material from the following third-party components:
- argparse 1.2.1 "provides an easy, declarative interface for creating command
line tools"
- Boost 1.46.1 (or newer) "provides peer-reviewed portable C++ source
- CERN ROOT is "an object oriented framework for large scale data analysis"
- doxypy 0.4.2 "is an input filter for Doxygen"
- Eigen 3.0.3 "is a C++ template library for linear algebra"
- PyYAML 3.10 "is a YAML parser and emitter for Python"
License information regarding MADlib and included third-party libraries can be
found inside the license directory.