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Edit in prose footer #225

vectorsize opened this Issue · 1 comment

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We (everyday users) also want to be able to add the edit in prose big button at the bottom of our posts like here
Is that going to be possible anytime soon?


Oh yes. It is possible already. It's application-specific though, so it's totally up to the user if or where he wants to put that link or how he wants to style it.

However, it's just a link that needs to be specified. With Prose, I did this:

From a Prose help page's YAML frontmatter:


And in the template:

<div class="improve-article-wrapper">
  <div class="improve-article">
    <a class="button" href="{{ page.prose_link }}">Edit in Prose</a>
      This article has been written and published using <a href="" target="_blank">Prose</a>. Please help improving this documentation by contributing to the text.
@vectorsize vectorsize closed this
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