Footnotes in Markdown preview #248

tjohns opened this Issue Oct 16, 2012 · 4 comments

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The Markdown preview for doesn't render footnotes, even though they're supported by Github's Jekyll installation.

(Markdown supports footnotes using this syntax: [^1], similar to a hyperlink.)

prose member

@tjohns I know this is a little late but .. do you have an example repo I could look at where you are seeing un-rendered footnotes?

prose member

Just tested and footnote formatted links are working for me. Might of been a stale lib? Feel free to open this back up if you can re-produce.

@tristen tristen closed this Jun 6, 2013

I'm having same issue as @tjohns. were you able to figure it out?
Internally, we use redcarpet with the footnotes option. Just to understand how works, do we need to configure any setting? Or is the footnote option on by default?

prose member

@bfaguy Hey, happy to look into this if you could post some code blocks that aren't producing the desired results. Thanks!

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