Feature request: ability to specify date=NOW in metadata settings #277

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#prose.io settings
  rooturl: "source"
    "source/_posts": |
      layout: post
      title: "Title"
      date: 2012-12-22 14:07
      comments: true
      published: true

I would like to be able to specify date: CURRENT or something and have this field autogenerated on document creation. or just point me on place to implement this

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CURRENT_DATETIME should work now, via b22708a

@dhcole dhcole closed this Mar 25, 2013
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Set up prose.io configuration #21


I added this variable to the wiki to make it more visible.


With that being said, I can't get it to work. Can anyone provide an example on how to use this?

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Looks like this was only ported over to preserve existing implementations of default metadata for older versions of Prose. Support hasn't been added for the new metadata editor configuration yet.

@mikemorris mikemorris reopened this Aug 1, 2013

Before I added prose configuration to my _config.yml, prose.io was prepopulating the filenames of new Jekyll posts with the current date. But once I added prose configuration, it stopped doing that, even after I added - date: CURRENT_DATETIME as suggested above.


@joewiz That advice was from an older version of prose. It sounds like it needs to be re-implemented at this point.

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Yep, that's correct @bcomnes @joewiz


Ah, thanks, guys. A very nice feature indeed.


Currently, once configuration is added to _config.yml for Jekyll-based sites, the ISO date is not required in the post title field in Prose, and will be added automatically upon file save.


and what about - date: CURRENT_DATETIME? when will it work? or is there another way to set YML on new posts to current date time?


I am also currently moving my blog to be managed with prose. However, handling date is a really important feature.

Any chance that this will be working again any time soon?



I'm having the same problem. Having a date for my posts is one of the most important things. It seems the right date is already generated for the name of the file... couldn't it be used also for a "date" meta field?
@jhabdas I'm not sure what you mean. For me, whether I specify it or not in the config file, the date field seems to be never inferred.


Hello and thank you for this issue report. There have been several point releases in Prose since this issue was opened and there has not been much discussion here. I wanted to ask if you could please assist in confirming this is still an issue in the latest version of the product. If it is fixed, please close this issue :-)

Also, if possible could you please

  • Create a test case -- a list of steps we can perform to reproduce the problem

Since this project is looking for new maintainers (#743), it will be helpful if users can double check the old issues and delete ones that are fixed. This will be super helpful for the new team that works on moving this project forward.

I'm sorry this message is impersonal. And thanks for your help!


I think this issue is fixed. Last time I created a new md document, I didn't specify any date, which was automatically inserted by Prose using the current date.

@holic holic added a commit to holic/prose that referenced this issue Apr 29, 2015
@holic holic Re-implement CURRENT_DATETIME replacement in metadata
Closes #277
@holic holic added a commit to holic/prose that referenced this issue May 13, 2015
@holic holic Re-implement CURRENT_DATETIME replacement in metadata
Closes #277
@dereklieu dereklieu closed this in #831 May 13, 2015
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#831 allows you to set date: CURRENT_DATETIME to get the current date.

You can also do something like:

- name: "date"
    element: "text"
    label: "Date"

Wonderful! Thanks very much for this!


@dereklieu What am I doing wrong, if I just get a date field with the CURRENT_DATETIME string in it instead of the date?

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@ndarville If you're using prose.io then these changes haven't been deployed yet. We're discussing automatic deployment in #835. I will look into a manual deployment in the meantime.


@dereklieu Ah, I see.


@dereklieu This is fantastic. Thanks very much for your efforts!

@kennethormandy kennethormandy added a commit to losttype/losttype-prose that referenced this issue Aug 3, 2015
@holic holic Re-implement CURRENT_DATETIME replacement in metadata
Closes #277
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