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Prose is an open source web-based authoring environment for CMS-free websites and designed for managing content on GitHub. Use it to create, edit, or delete files. Host your website for free on GitHub Pages, or set up your own GitHub webhook server.

Hit the Ground Running

If you're looking to build a prose managed site on Jekyll the Starter project is a good place to start. Simply fork this into your repository and view on from


Image Uploading
When editing markdown documents you can drag and drop images onto the page which are uploaded to a media directory you specify in your configuration or the current directory.

Mobile Layout
Prose is designed as a mobile ready application and is particularly well suited for the iPad.

Markdown Features
Prose pays particular attention to Markdown files by providing a formatting toolbar and in page previewing.

Often you want to provide site maintainers access to create and edit content but not direct access to the source code that runs a project. Or you want a simple authoring environment that's focused on what matters to you. Configurations are a powerful way to customize what's provided during the day to day management of a site.

For non-jekyll sites, You can set up configurations by creating a _prose.yml file or add configurations as an entry to your Jekyll site in _config.yml.

An example configuration looks like this:

  rooturl: '_posts'
  siteurl: ''
  relativeLinks: ''
  media: 'media'
    - _config.yml
    - /_layouts
    - /_includes
      - name: "layout"
          element: "hidden"
          value: "blog"
      - name: "tags"
          element: "multiselect"
          label: "Add Tags"
          placeholder: "Choose Tags"
            - name: "Apples"
              value: "apples"
            - name: "Bananas"
              value: "bananas"
      - name: "layout"
          element: "hidden"
          value: "page"
      - name: "permalink"
          element: "text"
          label: "Permalink"
          value: ""

Special attention to Jekyll Sites
Prose provides extra features to Jekyll powered sites. Such as:

  • A Publish/Unpublish workflow.
  • Multilingual page translation support.
  • Drafts Management.
  • YAML Frontmatter Configuration.
  • Full site layout previewing.

Learn more about configurations on the Prose Configuration page.

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