A drop cursor plugin for ProseMirror
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This is a non-core example module for ProseMirror. ProseMirror is a well-behaved rich semantic content editor based on contentEditable, with support for collaborative editing and custom document schemas.

This module implements a plugin that shows a drop cursor for ProseMirror.

The project page has more information, a number of examples and the documentation.

This code is released under an MIT license. There's a forum for general discussion and support requests, and the Github bug tracker is the place to report issues.


dropCursor(options: ?Object) → Plugin

Create a plugin that, when added to a ProseMirror instance, causes a decoration to show up at the drop position when something is dragged over the editor.

Supports two options: color to set the color of the cursor (defaults to black) and width to set its with in pixels (defaults to 1).

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