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Models to be used in conjunction with Prosodylab-Aligner, v. 1.1 for alignment of laboratory speech production data


  • SSHRC Canada Research Chair 218503
  • SSHRC Digging Into Data Challenge Grant 869-2009-0004

Some General Information

If you're using the aligner on a new language, we encourage you to contribute your dictionary and your models (the zip file you can write with the -w flag of the aligner).

If you can make your training data available, that's even better (but whether this is possible will depend on the consent you have from your speakers)

If it's a large data amount, it might be better to host it in a different location.

If your models are based on a small data set and you can't post the training data, it might not generalize well, and will only be of limited to others.

However, the dictionary will still be of tremendous benefit to others--also, other researchers working on the language might just contact you for more information, and possibly share their data with you for training.

If you want to share your models, we encourage you to do this via GitHub directly, but you can also contact us at

Using Github

Sign Up

Follow the instructions on Github's home page to make an account.


Open the Terminal application on your computer. In Terminal enter:

$ git config --global "YOUR NAME"
$ git config --global "YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS"

The first line tells Git how you would like to appear. The email address is where notifications are sent and should be the same email as the one in your email settings in your account. Privacy settings can be found on the website under "Keeping your email address private".

Make a Copy (Fork)

On GitHub, navigate to Prosodylab-AlignerModels. In the top-right corner of the page is a button "Fork". Click on it. You now have your own fork of the set of models.

Create Local Clone of Your Fork

To use, edit, and create models on your computer, use git clone:

$ cd Prosodylab-AlignerModels

Or, if your would rather avoid using Terminal, on your fork's page, find the "Clone in Desktop" button on the right side menu and click on it.

You can now edit everything on your computer!

Commit Your Changes

To add your changes to the online version, you can commit your code by entering the following in Terminal while in your model folder:

$ git commit -m "Commit message"

Include a message to describe the changes made and any information for future reference in the message.

Create a Pull Request

To update your folder with other models and the main folder with your models, you can create a pull request. In your Terminal application enter the following to merge and fetch updates from the Prosodylab-AlignerModels:

$ git pull origin master

If you would prefer to make a pull request on GitHub, go to your fork's page. There should be a green button "Compare & pull request" near the top-right corner. Follow the instructions on the page to complete your pull request.

What Should Be Included in Your Model

To create models, see the Prosodylab-Aligner README. The Prosodylab-Aligner will create a .zip containing the model. This model is generated from a dictionary, .yaml file, and training data.

When you merge your model with Prosodylab-AlignerModels, it should include the model's .zip, dictionary used to generate the model, a couple of .wav and .lab files for testing, and model documentation