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This is a Google Apps script that can be uploaded to Google Sheets via 'Script Editor'.

The purpose of this script is to upload external data sets to the database. External data sources can either be included as a URL or within a specified Google Drive folder.

Add a data set as an to sources for it to be included in the import:

var sources = {
  'source-name': {
    pathUrl: 'http://...',
    type: sourceType.urlSpreadSheet,
    translateFrom: 'language here',
    mappings: [
      [sourceColumnIndex, destinationColumnIndex],

You can also add a helper file to source-mappings and name it according to the name of the data set. The structure of source-mappings is as follows:

Name: Source Name
Subsheet: False
URL: '',
Date: <date>

[columnID] - [columnName]

[0] - Name
[1] - Organization Name
[2] - Organization Category
[3] - Problem
[4] - Solution
[5] - Facebook URL
[6] - Website
[7] - Email
[8] - Notes

Alternatively, the header may contain something like the following:

Subsheet: True
Sheet GID: <number>
Sheet Index: <number>

Please make a new branch if you'd like to add any data sources to the ImportData.js script for import to the database.