This is an API-client on Python, that allows easily integrate Protectimus two-factor authentication solution into your project.
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This is an API-client on Python to integrate Protectimus two-factor authentication into your project with no effort.

Two-factor authentication from Protectimus is based on one-time passwords (OTP) - passwords that are valid for only one authentication session.

To integrate Protectimus into your project, you can use these two methods:

  1. Integration using the API, directly or with the help of auxiliary libraries, like this one.
  2. Integration using the IFrame Widget for user authentication.

Independently of the way you have chosen, please, start integration from reading this page: It contains a lot of important information about how the system works and what you have to do to integrate OTP into your system.

Our materials page can be interesting too. Among other things, our API documentation can be found there. It can help you to understand better what exactly each method does, and how to operate with all that stuff.

If you will have any questions - feel free to contact us: Also, you can learn more about Protectimus at our web-site:

Good Luck! We hope you will enjoy it!