SWRLAPI Drools Engine

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The SWRLAPI Drools Engine is a plug-in to the SWRLAPI that supports the execution of SWRL rules using the Drools rule engine.

It also provides an OWL 2 RL-based reasoner implementation in Drools.

An embedded SWRL Drools Tab component provides a graphical interface to this engine.

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The Protege-based SWRLTab Plugin and the standalone SWRLTab automatically include this engine so it does not need to be installed separately.

Can I interact with the SWRLAPI Drools Engine at the Java API level?

A bridge mechanism is provided by the SWRLAPI to allow interaction between an OWL knowledge base containing SWRL rules and a rule engine.

This mechanism is described here. This bridge is specialized for each rule engine implementation. However, interaction with the bridge should be same irrespective of the underlying rule engine implementation.

The following code snippet shows the creation of a Drools-backed SWRL rule engine using the SWRLAPI. It assumes that you know how to create an instance of an OWL ontology using the OWLAPI.

 OWLOntology ontology = ... // Create using normal OWLAPI mechanisms
 SWRLRuleEngine ruleEngine = SWRLAPIFactory.createSWRLRuleEngine(ontology);

Where can I get the source code for the SWRLAPI Drools Engine?

The source code is available in the SWRL Drools Engine Git Repository.

How can I build the SWRLAPI Drools Engine?

See the top level project README.md file for a description of building this engine.