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The MPI Bioinformatics Toolkit
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MPI Bioinformatics Toolkit

MPI Bioinformatics Toolkit

The MPI Bioinformatics Toolkit is a platform that integrates a great variety of tools for protein sequence analysis. Many tools are developed in-house, and several public tools are offered with extended functionality.

The toolkit includes, among others: PSI-BLAST+, HHblits, HMMER; MUSCLE, MAFFT, ProbCons; HHrepID, PCOILS;HHpred, Modeller; CLANS, ANCESCON, PhyML; RetrieveSeq, HHfilter.

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We are committed to providing a welcoming and inspiring community for all and expect our Code of Conduct to be honored. Anyone who violates this code of conduct may be banned from the community.


The code is available under the Apache 2.0 license.

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