Vim ports of the Prot16 collection of colour schemes.
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Prot16 themes for Vim

Beta. All Vim files may undergo further refinements.


Use your favourite plugin manager.

With vim-plug:

Plug 'protesilaos/prot16-vim'


Example using the alto_dark theme.

In your .vimrc file add this:

colorscheme alto_dark

Or for a temporary switch within Vim:

:colorscheme alto_dark

About this repo

The Prot16 collection was initially developed for the Atom text editor. This repository contains preliminary/experimental ports for Vim. Support is provided both for GUI and terminal versions.

However, the latter requires the implementation of the corresponding palette. This can be done either manually or by using one of the existing ports, as defined in each theme's project page. For more on that refer to the following:


The files included in this repository were generated by the Prot16 Generator. A simple bash script was used to automate the process.


GNU General Public License v3.0