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Zendesk login with Envato API

Codeship Status for proteusthemes/zendesk-envato-login

This project connects the Zendesk single sign-on (SSO) with JSON Web Token (JWT) to Envato Market API. Your ThemeForest clients will be able to sign in to your Zendesk account using their Envato account.


When you clone the repo, you should install dependencies with composer:

$ composer install

The configuration is loaded using the dotenv. Copy the .env.example file to .env and set your real credentials:

  • ENVATO_CLIENT_ID, ENVATO_REDIRECT_URI, ENVATO_CLIENT_SECRET (required) - you get these info when you register the app on Envato API. Check this picture which permissions you need.

    Variables explained:

    • ENVATO_CLIENT_ID (required) - the OAuth Client ID.
    • ENVATO_REDIRECT_URI (required) - this should match the Confirmation URL in the Envato Market API app settings. It is the URL where you install this PHP script.
    • ENVATO_CLIENT_SECRET (required) - the secret key you obtained from the Envato Market API.
  • ZENDESK_SHARED_SECRET, ZENDESK_SUBDOMAIN (required) - you get the shared secret in Zendesk Settings > Security > End-users > Single sign-on (SSO).

  • ZEL_DEBUG (optional) - aka Zendesk-Envato login debug. If this is set to true, no redirection will be made back to Zendesk, but some debugging information will be printed out instead.

  • SLACK_TOKEN, SLACK_CHANNEL (optional) - token from Slack API and Slack channel where you'd like to get the notifications when something goes wrong (user unable to authenticate, Envato Market API is down etc.).

    If not set, no Slack reminders will be sent.

  • ZEL_FIREBASE_URL, ZEL_FIREBASE_TOKEN (optional) - token and URL from Firebase to save the login details in remote database.

    If not set, no data will be written in remote database.

Once configured, point your Zendesk login to the index.php file at root of this repo. This file will handle redirect to Envato API, obtain the credentials and redirect the logged in user back to Zendesk.

Bought and supported themes, username

Along with the name and email address, this script will also send to Zendesk the list of the themes the user bought, the list of the themes that the user is entitled to get support for and the username. In order to save these info, you should manually create 3 fields in in Zendesk.

In Zendesk go to Settings > User Fields and add the following fields. Make sure the Field keys are exactly:

  • bought_themes (multiline text)
  • supported_themes (multiline text)
  • tf_username (text)
  • country (text)

Restricting support login only to users with active licenses

Two more config strings in .env:

  • ZEL_SUPPORT_BACKUP: your support email as a backup


PHP 5.5+ with curl.


Login to Zendesk with Envato API. Using Zendesk JWT SSO login.



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