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Makes table headers stick to the top of the viewport when scrolling down HTML data tables.
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stickyHeader.js makes table headers stick to the top of the viewport when scrolling down long HTML data tables. Adapted from kingkool68/stickyHeader

This fork allows you to use this on dynamically generated tables.

You can also specify an offset if you have other things also stuck to the top of your screen.

It also takes into account whether you are scrolling a wrapper div sideways, to keep your header stuck in the right place, e.g. if you have a really wide table, or a really small viewport.

To get started just include:

  1. stickyHeader.jquery.js
  2. The two CSS rules to your stylesheet

CSS Rules

    .hide {
    div.stickyHeader {


Stick it.

  • Stick that header:
  • With an offset (e.g. if you have something else stuck to your screen):
    $('table.sticky').stickyHeader( { offset: 25 } )  //value in px

Unstick it.

This is good when you are destroying your views e.g. in Backbone. Unbinds it from the $(window).scroll() event, and destroys the created stuck elements.

    $('table.sticky').stickyHeader( { mode: "unstick" } )

Restick it.

    $('table.sticky').stickyHeader( { mode: "restick" } )

This is useful to call on $(window).resize() (with a throttle!), in case your table changes size.

e.g. using underscore debounce:

var $table = $('table');
var table_width = $table.width();

var restickHeader =  $table.stickyHeader( { mode: "restick", offset: $nav.height() } );
var lazyRestick = _.debounce( restickHeader, 500 );

$(window).on("resize", function(){
    if ( table_width !== $table.width() ){
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