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This is protobuf-c-rpc, a library for performing RPC with protobuf-c. It was formerly integrated into the main protobuf-c distribution but has now been split out.


protobuf-c-rpc requires a C compiler, protobuf-c, and pkg-config to be installed. protobuf-c itself requires Google Protocol Buffers to be installed.

./configure && make && make install

If building from a git checkout, the autotools (autoconf, automake, libtool) must also be installed, and the build system must be generated by running the script.

./ && ./configure && make && make install


Please send patches to the protobuf-c mailing list or by opening a GitHub pull request.

Copyright to all contributions are retained by the original author, but must be licensed under the terms of the BSD-2-Clause license. Please add a Signed-off-by header to your commit message (git commit -s) to indicate that you are licensing your contribution under these terms.