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protobuf-c is a C binding for Google's Protocol Buffers (aka protobuf) library and code generator.

The overall design is similar to the C++ structure, except we try to generate as little code as possible.

Compilation and Installation

This is an automake project, so to build it use something like:

./configure --prefix=$HOME/install
make install

To install into /usr like a normal package would, use --prefix=/usr.

Getting Started

It might be easiest to learn with a few examples.

To use the system, you should read more about the code we generate. To understand how the generated code works, read about [the protobuf-c library]


  • The message serialization and deserialization code has been thoroughly tested.
  • Still designing the Service stuff, so be careful about using it.
  • Need to decide what to do about extensions
  • Need to decide whether to handle groups.


Some binary compatibility changes are expected until version 1.0 is released; so make sure you are linking to the protobuf-c that corresponds to the generated code you are using!

TODO items

Currently, these are in a file called TODO in the source package.

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