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NFT School: Community education platform for developers in the non-fungible token space.


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NFT School

This repository contains code and content for the NFT School website, an open-source community education platform devoted to best practices, concept guides, tutorials, and how-tos for developers in the non-fungible token (NFT) space.

Contributions are more than welcome! As an open-source project, this site relies on people like you to suggest, create, and improve content to make the NFT developer experience better for everyone. To get started ...

  • Check this repo's issues page to see what items are in need of help, including content request issues looking for writers.
  • If you're writing something new, read through the contribution guide for guidelines on types of content, grammar, formatting, and style.
  • For details on building the site locally and submitting pull requests, see the "For site developers" section below.

For site developers

Build and run locally

This site is built in Vuepress, and uses Vue/JavaScript for functional code and Markdown for post content.

To build a local copy, run the following:

  1. Clone this repository:

    git clone
  2. Move into the nft-website folder and install the NPM dependencies:

    cd nft-website
    npm install
  3. Boot up the application in dev mode:

    npm start
  4. Open localhost:8080 in your browser.

  5. Close the local server with CTRL + c.

  6. To restart the local server, run npm start from within the nft-website folder.

PR and preview

Once you're happy with your local changes, please make a PR against the main branch. Including detailed notes on your PR - particularly screenshots to depict any changes in UI - will help speed up approval and deployment.

All PRs against main automatically generate Fleek previews to make it easier to "check your work". You can view your PR's preview by clicking Details in the fleek/build check at the bottom of your PR page:

A reviewer will be by shortly to have a look!


This site's codebase is under active maintenance by members of the core team at Protocol Labs.


All software code is copyright (c) Protocol Labs, Inc. under the MIT license. Other written documentation and content is copyright (c) Protocol Labs, Inc. under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License.