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Protocol Labs - Research Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Bounties

This repository contains offers that Protocol Labs is making or has made to fund research in areas relevant to our core mission of improving the internet. It is one of the structural research repository described in research/; please follow that link if you're interested in the organization of the research repositories.

Below is an exhaustive list of of the problems Protocol Labs currently intends to fund. To submit a proposal for a current RFP, fill out and submit an application at our RFP program page. If you would like to submit a proposal addressing an unlisted problem, first open an issue in protocol/research, and follow the template to describe the problem you intend to solve. The issue should stimulate discussion and verify that the problem is clearly defined, nontrivial, and important. Then proceed to the RFP program page and apply for RFP-0. Naturally, following these steps does not guarantee that we will fund the proposal.

Proposals are considered and awarded based on individual objectives. We may choose to fund all objectives within a proposal or limit our funding to those most relevant and promising. Please be clear when describing your proposal's objectives and how you plan to achieve them.


Evan Miyazono

What's in This Repo?

This repo contains Requests For Proposals (RFPs) for the Grant program, which is elaborated below.

  • Subscribe to this repo if you want to be updated about potential funding opportunities

RFPs and Grants

Requests for Proposals are a fairly common method for funding individuals and groups to solve problems. In our case, we may have a list of self-contained problems that likely require a sufficiently large time commitment that funding will be often provided at intervals or checkpoints, rather than upon completion. These would have the goal of funding researchers to develop or find novel results on these topics. RFPs are posted as issues in this repo, and a summary of active RFPs may be found below:


  • (more to be announced, please check back later)


We may reopen inactive RFPs at a later date to encourage explorations of novel directions.

Please watch this repo or check back regularly. We will be constantly adding addional RFPs to this repo.


Repository for hosting RFPs and bounties




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