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Applying to a Protocol Labs RFP

To apply, please send email an application to and include the following:

  • The ID/link of the open RFP (from this list).
  • The names of the applicants.
  • Contact information for at least one of the authors.
  • A description of relevant experience.
  • An expected timeline for completing each of the objectives.
  • An explanation of your proposed approach to the problem.
  • Request for award amount and estimated total overall budget.

For each question, please write no more than 200 words unless instructed otherwise on the RFP itself.

Information about grant deadlines, award size, and payout schedule are described on individual RFPs. Questions, comments, concerns, and feedback on this process can be sent to

We consider ourselves to be members and beneficiaries of many academic fields, and we hope that this program will help foster the research community in those fields. We also hope to support the open source dissemination of such research. Because this program is an experiment, we may change it without notice. Please note that by submitting an application, you and your co-applicants agree to the Terms and Conditions of this program.

Terms and Conditions

Applying for a grant is not a guarantee of funding and we expect to receive more grant requests than we are able to fund. The decision as to whether or not to award funding is entirely at our discretion.

By submitting an application, an individual or organization agrees:

  • To use any support provided solely for the project described in the funding request and to provide documentation supporting this use, if requested,
  • To exercise control or coordination over the supported project,
  • To be willing to disclose that Protocol Labs provided financial support,
  • To meet with potential collaborators within Protocol Labs to participate in the research effort,
  • To release the results as open source under MIT license, if feasible.

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions, including canceling the program at any time without notice. Please note that you are responsible for complying with taxes and laws, and you agree to provide us with enough information, at our request, so that we can comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

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