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Blacklist .proto source files if Bazel allows us to (#7065)

* Blacklist .proto source files is Bazel allows us to

This is a partial revert of 7b28278 to unblock, e.g., grpc/grpc#21590 or lyft/envoy-mobile#617 until Bazel is fixed.

Note: this is a forward-compatible change that automatically switches to the behavior intended by 7b28278 when a compatible Bazel is released without requiring users to upgrade Protobuf. We will revert this change when Bazel is fixed.

* Remove trailing ,

* Update BUILD
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Yannic authored and rafi-kamal committed Jan 9, 2020
1 parent ed8688d commit 082cc23afddeb5acb34a15c0bbf342df5737aacd
Showing with 6 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +6 −1 BUILD
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
load("@rules_cc//cc:defs.bzl", "cc_binary", "cc_library", "cc_test", "objc_library")
load("@rules_java//java:defs.bzl", "java_library")
load("@rules_proto//proto:defs.bzl", "proto_lang_toolchain", "proto_library")
load("@rules_proto//proto/private:native.bzl", "native_proto_common")
load("@rules_python//python:defs.bzl", "py_library")

@@ -986,9 +987,13 @@ cc_library(

# Note: We use `native_proto_common` here because we depend on an implementation-detail of
# `proto_lang_toolchain`, which may not be available on `proto_common`.
reject_blacklisted_files = not hasattr(native_proto_common, "proto_lang_toolchain_rejects_files_do_not_use_or_we_will_break_you_without_mercy")
cc_toolchain_blacklisted_protos = [proto + "_proto" for proto in WELL_KNOWN_PROTO_MAP.keys()] if reject_blacklisted_files else [":well_known_protos"]
name = "cc_toolchain",
blacklisted_protos = [proto + "_proto" for proto in WELL_KNOWN_PROTO_MAP.keys()],
blacklisted_protos = cc_toolchain_blacklisted_protos,
command_line = "--cpp_out=$(OUT)",
runtime = ":protobuf",
visibility = ["//visibility:public"],

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