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Fix mergeable docs to be consistent with checks (#7021)

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swankjesse authored and rafi-kamal committed Jan 7, 2020
1 parent 80eadc0 commit 3214d0b0b20f98a2e3172ceab2d2c55a8ffd344c
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  1. +2 −2 .github/mergeable.yml
@@ -9,10 +9,10 @@ mergeable:
- and:
- must_include:
regex: 'release notes: yes'
message: 'Please include release note: yes'
message: 'Please include release notes: yes'
- must_include:
regex: '^(c#|c\+\+|cleanup|conformance tests|integration|java|javascript|go|objective-c|php|python|ruby)'
message: 'Please include at least a language label (e.g., c++, java, python). Or apply one of the following labels: cleanup, conformance tests, integration.'
- must_include:
regex: 'release notes: no'
message: 'Please include release note: no'
message: 'Please include release notes: no'

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