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Remove Xcode directives on some configs.

Travis changed their default image:

So there is no need to set a specific image any more, and the non
apple language tests should be able to use the default images.
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thomasvl committed Dec 4, 2017
1 parent a711e3d commit 716acc3b977202f74e8d5d51a300d0fcf85a582b
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@@ -46,16 +46,8 @@ matrix:
env: CONFIG=python_cpp
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=php5.6_mac
# Xcode versions force a host version of macOS:
# Force macOS 10.12, the default travis image is going to be
# updated "soon", at which point this came come out:
osx_image: xcode8.3
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=php7.0_mac
# Same note about macOS version as on the php5.6_mac config.
osx_image: xcode8.3
# -----------------------------------------------------------------
# Linux hosted tests

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