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Protocol Buffers v3.5.1

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@liujisi liujisi released this 20 Dec 23:16
· 29 commits to 3.5.x since this release

Planned Future Changes

  • Make C++ implementation C++11 only: we plan to require C++11 to build protobuf code starting from 3.6.0 release, after unknown fields semantic changes are finished. Please join this github issue to provide your feedback.


  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.5.0 and protoc in Windows now accepts non-ascii characters in paths again.


  • Removed several usages of C++11 features in the code base.
  • Fixed some compiler warnings.


  • Fixed memory leak in C-extension implementation.
  • Added discardUnknokwnFields API.
  • Removed duplicatd typedef in C-extension headers.
  • Avoided calling private php methods (timelib_update_ts).
  • Fixed Any.php to use fully-qualified name for DescriptorPool.


  • Added Google_Protobuf_discard_unknown for discarding unknown fields in


  • Unknown fields are now preserved by default.
  • Floating point values are now bitwise compared, affecting message equality check and Contains() API in map and repeated fields.