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AckMate rocks. I want to set it to the default CMD+SHIFT+F, however it doesnt have Replace functionality. This is fine, but is there a way you could have a button that switches back to the default textmate search and replace?

Ideal workflow:

  1. cmd+shift+f to open ackmate
  2. do searching, everything is fine
  3. oh shit, i need to do a search/replace. press "use textmate default" toggle to switch back

extra points if you have a toggle command that I can map to command+shift+f:

  1. command+shift+f open ackmate
  2. command+shift+f (when ackmate is in foreground) to switch back to textmate find/replace
  3. command+shift+f (when textmate find/replace is in foreground) to switch back to ackmate

Feel free to close this bug if it sounds too crazy. I'm fine having 2 shortcuts, but it would be even more awesome if it were just one.



Keyboard shortcuts are always fraught with issues - everyone assumes that because they're easy to change, the impact of a change is minimal.

In reality, keyboard shortcuts have the near-magical ability to offend more people than actually use the feature in the first place.

So I've decided to ignore the issue. You can use the system-supplied preferences to change keyboard shortcuts to be whatever you like :-)

As for your morphing-shortcut depending on focus: I've implemented a similar scheme in another product and it's just ended up confusing people to the point of being angry with the software for not being 100% consistent...

So, while I appreciate the suggestion, I'm not going to implement anything like that in the main branch of AckMate.

Regards, Trev


Right, I was actually thinking you could implement this Toggle functionality in a menu bar command (Edit -> Find -> Toggle Ackmate). People would then be able to map it to whatever shortcut they wanted. I used shortcuts in my description to show my precise use case.

If you're still not feeling it, no worries.

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