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Selection sometimes wrong #3

bitboxer opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I can't reproduce it reliably, but sometimes the selection of the search text is not correct when the file is already opened.



It's not an intermittent problem - it's easily reproducible and the behavior is on purpose.

Basically you've got unsaved changes to that file and ack is reporting a match on a given line number and character range in the saved version of the file.

Ack tells me the matching range, I tell TextMate to select the matching range. But if the matching text has moved, there's not a lot I can do :-)

The "on purpose" part is that AckMate does not (as has been requested) automatically save your files before running ack - the reason being 'saving' is a potentially destructive action and should never be a side-effect of 'searching'.

Hope this helps,


But that confuses the hell out of me. And I am not alone in this as you mention that other people had that issues, as well.

What about saving the files temporarily in /tmp or can you get the content of the file in the editor and grep that instead of the saved file on the disk?

Or at least explain this somehow in the find-view.


I can certainly see that some people would appreciate the behaviour you're describing and (of course) I'd be willing to look at any patches that achieve that result.

I don't have plans to tackle the issue myself though.

Regards, Trev


Sadly I am not a Objective C Coder. But could you reopen this ticket or create a new one that explains this and asks for help? Maybee someone else will read it and try to create a patch for this.

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