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search by file's extension #37

i3zhe opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Could we search by file's extensions? Like I only want to see results in .rb, or .js .css files.


If you were calling ack from the command line, you'd say "ack whatever --rb --js --css". But I don't know about in ackmate.


Oh, sorry. I mean this feature in Ack.tmbundle. I tried to add this, and will commit it soon. Please review it and see if its good to go and merge.

One problem I found is searching with long words or quotes sometimes returns no result.
e.g. App::Ack::die( qq{--type-add: Builtin type "$type" cannot be changed.} )
this line sits in

but the original textmate search works. Any work around please?

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