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Ack Textmate Bundle.
Version 0.1

You should probably use AckMate instead…

Users of Mac OS X 10.5 and above will have a much better expierence with AckMate (also authored by me). It eliminates many of this bundle’s shortcomings.


Type command-shift-a to ack your project in TextMate… ’nuff said.

You can learn more about ack at http://petdance.com/ack/.


  • Run this:
cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
git clone git://github.com/protocool/ack-tmbundle.git Ack.tmbundle


You can file tickets for any bugs using LightHouse.


The ack-standalone.sh script from http://petdance.com/ack/ is included in this bundle. You can use a different version of ack by setting the TM_ACK environment variable to point to your version.

This bundle has only been tested against this particular version of ack-standalone.

Per-project .ackrc

Ack normally honors the settings in your $HOME/.ackrc file. Additionally, any .ackrc file in your project directory (TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY) will also be read.

You can switch-off loading of any .ackrc files in the ‘Advanced options’ drawer.


The code is based on GrepInProject++ which was itself based on other’s code as below:

# By Henrik Nyh (http://henrik.nyh.se) 2007-06-26
# Free to modify and redistribute with credit.

# Includes some minor modifications by Max (http://max.xaok.org/webtek) 2007-08-01
# Adds search UI plus some minor modifications by Robert Thurnher (http://soup.robert42.com) 2007-08-11
# Further modifications by Trevor Squires (http://somethinglearned.com) 2008-05-21