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ZRNT - Executable spec for ETH 2.0, implemented in Go
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A minimal Go implementation of the ETH 2.0 spec, by @protolambda.

The goal of this project is to have a Go version of the Python based spec:

  • executable version
  • comparable with Python version (through diffing debug JSON dumps of state)
  • generate test vectors for conformance testing
  • fast enough for fuzzing
  • avoids quadratic complexity implementations of spec
  • minimal and easy to understand


The beacon-chain consists of 3 transition types:

  • Slot transition (often, but very minimal change) eth2/beacon/transition/slot_transition.go

  • Block transition (occasional, can fork) eth2/beacon/transition/block_transition.go


    • Header
    • Randao
    • Eth1
    • ProposerSlashings
    • AttesterSlashings
    • Attestations
    • Deposits
    • VoluntaryExits
    • Transfers
  • Epoch transition (every 64 slots, big change) eth2/beacon/transition/epoch_transition.go


    • Eth1
    • Crosslinks
    • Crosslinks
    • RewardsAndPenalties (applies deltas) eth2/beacon/delta_computation
      • Crosslink rewards/penalties
      • Justificant rewards/penalties
        • normal rewards/penalties
        • delayed finalization measures
    • ValidatorRegistry (shuffling, update)
    • Slashings
    • ExitQueue
    • Finish

Note that sub transitions have a common signature:

Block: func(state *beacon.BeaconState, block *beacon.BeaconBlock) error (mutates state, error because they can be rejected)

Epoch: func(state *beacon.BeaconState) (mutates state)

A genesis state is created with eth2/beacon/genesis.

From here, a set of slot transitions, a block transition, and possibly an epoch transition, are applied for every block eth2/beacon/transition.

Data types are defined in eth2/beacon/data_types. Container types are defined in eth2/beacon/containers.

SSZ, BLS, hashing, merkleization, and other utils can be found in eth2/util

Getting started

This repo is still a work-in-progress. To test creation of some Beacon chain genesis data, you can run debug/create_debug_json_files.go

More states and transition testing is coming SOON ™️

Future plans

Use the repo for conformance test generation, fuzzing, and implement a minimal (but fast) ETH 2.0 client around it.


Contributions are welcome. If they are not small changes, please make a GH issue and/or contact me first.


This project is based on my work for a bountied challenge by Justin Drake to write the ETH 2.0 spec in 1024 lines. A ridiculous challenge, but it was fun, and proved to be useful: every line of code in the spec got extra attention, and it was a fun way to get started on an executable spec. Aside from this bounty, the work is unfunded (as of now), and developed in my spare time.


@protolambda on Twitter



MIT, see license file.

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