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Laravel Mixins

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  • PHP 8.1+
  • Laravel 10.0


You can install the package via composer:

composer require protonemedia/laravel-mixins

There's no Service Provider or automatic discovery/registration of anything. All features are opt-in.


Blade Directives

Console Commands

Validation Rules

String Macros



Blade Directives

You can register Blade Directives by calling the directive method on the class. You can change the name of a directive with the optional first argument.

Decimal Money Formatter

Note: This directive requires the moneyphp/money package.

Register the directive, for example by adding it to your AppSerivceProvider:


You can customize the name of the directive and the default currency code:

ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\Blade\DecimalMoneyFormatter::directive('decimals', 'EUR');

The first argument of the directive is the amount in cents. The second optional parameter is the currency.

// 0.99

// 1.00

// 100
@decimals(100, 'XTS')

Intl Money Formatter

Note: This directive requires the moneyphp/money package.

Register the directive, for example by adding it to your AppSerivceProvider:


You can customize the name of the directive, the default currency code and the locale:

ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\Blade\IntlMoneyFormatter::directive('money', 'EUR', 'nl_NL');

The first argument of the directive is the amount in cents. The optional second parameter is the currency. The optional third parameter is the locale.

// € 0,99

// € 1,00

// US$ 1,00
@money(100, 'USD')

// 1 000,00 $US
@money(100, 'USD', 'fr')


Generate Sitemap

Note: This command requires the spatie/laravel-sitemap package.

You can register the command by adding it to your App\Console\Kernel file, or by calling the register method on the class.


You can also set a custom signature:


It generates a sitemap of your entire site and stores in in the public folder as sitemap.xml.

php artisan sitemap:generate

Validation Rules

Current password

Passes if the value matches the password of the authenticated user.

$rule = new ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\Rules\CurrentPassword;

As of Laravel 9, this validation rule is built-in.

Dimensions With Margin

Extension of the Dimensions rule with a margin option. Handy when you're working with ratios with repeating decimals.

use ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\Rules\DimensionsWithMargin;

$rule = DimensionsWithMargin::make()->ratio(20 / 9)->margin(1),


Verifies if the URL matches the given hosts.

use ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\Rules\Host;

$rule = Host::make(['', '']);

In Keys

Verifies if the given key or index exists in the array.

use ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\Rules\InKeys;

$rule = new InKeys(['laravel' => 'Laravel Framework', 'tailwindcss' => 'Tailwind CSS framework']);

// same as

use Illuminate\Validation\Rules\In;

$rule = new In(['laravel', 'tailwindcss']);

Max Words

Passes if the values contains no more words than specified.

use ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\Rules\MaxWords;

$rule = MaxWords::make(250);

URL Without Scheme

Passes if the URL is valid, even without a scheme.

$rule = new ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\Rules\UrlWithoutScheme;

String macros

You can add new method by using the mixins.


Str::mixin(new ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\String\Compact);

$string = "Hoe simpeler hoe beter. Want hoe minder keuze je een speler laat, hoe groter de kans dat hij het juiste doet.";

// Hoe simpeler hoe beter. Want hoe ... de kans dat hij het juiste doet.
echo Str::compact($string);

It has an optional second argument to specify the length on each side. With the optional third argument, you can specify the sepeator.

// Hoe simpeler hoe - het juiste doet.
echo Str::compact($string, 16, ' - ');

Human Filesize

Converts a filesize into a human-readable version of the string.

Str::mixin(new ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\String\HumanFilesize);

$size = 3456789;

// '3.3 MB'


Note: This macro requires the html2text/html2text package.

Converts HTML to plain text.

Str::mixin(new ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\String\Text);

$html = "<h1>Protone Media</h1>";

// Protone Media


Prepends https:// if the scheme is missing from the given URL.

Str::mixin(new ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\String\Url);

$url = "";


Seconds to time

Converts seconds to a 'mm:ss' / 'hh:mm:ss' format.

Str::mixin(new ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\String\SecondsToTime);

Str::secondsToTime(10); // 00:10
Str::secondsToTime(580); // 09:40
Str::secondsToTime(3610); // 01:00:10

// force 'hh:mm:ss' format, even under an hour:
Str::secondsToTime(580, false); // 00:09:40

PDF Regeneration

Note: Requires the symfony/process package.

Regenerates the PDF content with Ghostscript.

$ghostscript = new ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\Pdf\Ghostscript;

$regeneratedPdf = $ghostscript->regeneratePdf(

You can specify the path of the ghostscript binary as well:

$ghostscript = new Ghostscript('gs-binary');

Convert Base64 input data to files

Add the ConvertsBase64ToFiles trait and base64FileKeys method to your form request.

use Illuminate\Foundation\Http\FormRequest;
use ProtoneMedia\LaravelMixins\Request\ConvertsBase64ToFiles;

class ImageRequest extends FormRequest
    use ConvertsBase64ToFiles;

    protected function base64FileKeys(): array
        return [
            'jpg_image' => 'Logo.jpg',

    public function rules()
        return [
            'jpg_image' => ['required', 'file', 'image'],

Now you can get the files like regular uploaded files:

$jpgFile = $request->file('jpg_image');

// Logo.jpg

This trait supports nested data as well. You can either reference the keys by a nested array, or with a dotted notation:

class ImageRequest extends FormRequest
    use ConvertsBase64ToFiles;

    protected function base64FileKeys(): array
        return [
            'company.logo' => 'Logo.jpg',
            'user' => [
                'avatar' => 'Avatar.jpg',

Want to know more about this trait? Check out the blog post.


composer test


Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.

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If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


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