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Very simple tool to do deployments.


dep -e|--environment -m|--method [-c|--config] [-d|--dry] [-q|--quiet] [-T|--tasks] [-l|--list] [-p|--parameters]

What the options mean

-e | --environment

Allows you to specify the environment, which can be used to write different recipes for different environments

-m | --method

The method within the recipe that you want to execute

-c | --config

You can specify a custom configuration file that is in a non standard location. They will be autoloaded if they have the same name as the environment and are placed under deploy/configs/

-d | --dry

Dry run. Show what will be done, but do not actually execute any commands

-q | --quiet

By default everything is very verbose, if you wish to quiet the output you can specify this option

-T | --tasks

Displays all the tasks that can be executed with the -m switch.

-l | --list

Lists all of the recipes availble for your project

-p | --parameters

Allows you to pass a comma separated list of key=value pairs to be used in the app E.g. "TEST1=test1,TEST2=test2"


This will execute the "deploy" task in the tasks file config/deploy_tasks.rb

dep -e production -m deploy

This will list the tasks that are available to execute in the tasks file config/deploy_tasks.rb

dep -e development -M

This will show what will happen when the deploy method is executed, but will not actually do anything

dep -e production -m deploy -d