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Emoji CSS Builder

A simple tool for helping you display emoji in web browsers.

What you get

  • Tiled image of the emoji icons for efficient retrieval.
  • Generated CSS classes for each icon.
  • Sample HTML5 demo.

What you need

  • Any Ruby
  • ImageMagick (or more specifically, the montage command)

What you do

Just require emoji_css_builder:

# Build the default iphone emoji set, "/path/to/assets")

# Build a subset of the iphone emoji:, "/path/to/assets", 
  %w(e001 e002 e00d))

Or use rake:

rake emoji DEST=/path/to/assets
rake emoji DEST=/path/to/assets SET=iphone
rake emoji DEST=/path/to/assets SET=iphone ICONS=e001,e002,e00d

What I need

  • Images and icon sets for more

Whom you should thank