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This repository contains the runit job manifests for Protonet.

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Protonet Runit Jobs

This repository contains the runit job manifests for Protonet.


Configuration is in ./config/runit.json, the format should be self-explanatory given the existing examples.



$ bundle install
$ rake

FakeFS is used so the tests won't trash your filesystem.


You can dry-run your configuration with:

$ rake dry-run

This will use a temporary directory into which everything should be output, it'll then launch this directory in your file browser.

The dry-run will unfortunately write a bunch of empty directories (one for each service) to /var/log/protonet/..., these shouldn't do any harm as /var/log is more or less ubiquitous.


You can install the service files by running:

$ sudo rake install

This will (be default) install everything into /etc/sv, these services won't be picked up by the typical runit installation until they are symlinked into /etc/service/, this can be done with:

$ rake symlink
-- or --
$ ls /etc/sv | sudo xargs -i ln -sf /etc/sv/{} /etc/service/{}

Which should symlink them into the monitored directory, once they are symlinked, runit should pick them up within ~5 seconds.

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