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{\namefont \uppercase{Scott Meisburger}}
\vskip .5\baselineskip
\leftline{\uppercase{99 Gold St Apt 4C, Brooklyn NY | 408.836.4502 |}}
\bulpoint{Broad-ranging experience (8+ yrs) in open-source application development.}
\bulpoint{Expertise in people management, IoT, real-time web, multimedia and cloud infrastructure.}
\bulpoint{Critical skills to evaluate technologies and technical teams.}
\xptitlelong{Samsung SmartThings}{Engineering Manager, AV Platform}
\xpbul{Managed junior and senior level engineers, provided coaching and mentoring leading to career growth and development.}
\xpbul{Led engineering efforts in close collaboration with Samsung mobile managers and engineers at HQ (Suwon, KOR).}
\xpbul{Successfully delivered audio-video streaming services, allowing for Samsung home products (appliances, TVs, mobile devices) to connect and stream media to SmartThings clients.}
\xpbul{Team drove architecture and standards for end-to-end encryption (privacy), P2P live streaming (reduced latency, cost) and AV cloud services.}
\xptitlelong{Samsung SmartThings}{Senior Software Engineer}
\xpbul{Launched first-party SmartThings cameras. Worked with device manufacturers on firmware specs, over-the-air updates and security protocols.}
\xpbul{Built major cloud services in Python: API server, media server and distributed messaging bus.}
\xpbul{Supported global product rollout for strategic partnership between Samsung Mobile and wireless carriers.}
\xptitlelong{Perch at Samsung Accelerator}{Software Engineer}
\xpbul{Home monitoring startup. Got acquired by Samsung SmartThings in April 2016.}
\xpbul{Implemented asynchronous WebRTC signaling server in Python Tornado, with focus on scalability and failover.}
\xpbul{Led embedded camera effort, developed WebRTC client for ARM Linux.}
\xpbul{Developed cloud-based media processors using GStreamer.}
\xptitlelong{Alphaworks, a Betaworks company}{Product Engineer Consultant}
\xpbul{Developed MVP for (crowd investing platform).}
\xpbul{Led development of admin tools to enable efficient deal management.}
\xptitlelong{Rhizome at the New Museum}{Senior Developer}
\xpbul{Developed and maintained arts non-profit website}
\xpbul{Co-managed the ArtBase (award-winning collection of digital art), and served as an advocate for digital art and digital preservation.}
\xptitle{Sanders New Media}{Software Engineer}
\xpbul{Developed applications for web and mobile as member of engineering team in Chicago.}
\xpbul{Projects: iOS games, flash sales site, social networking app, digital comic and more.}
\xptitle{Computer History Museum}{Volunteer}
\xpbul{Assisted with packaging and cataloging of com\-puter-related artifacts.}
\xptitle{Orchestral Colour Records}{Co-founder}
\xpbul{Co-founded independent record label representing artists from genres including Electronic, Pop and Hip-Hop.}
\xpbul{Creative direction in advertising and promotional materials for web, TV and print.}
\vfil \break
\bulpoint{Columbia College Chicago - BA in Photography, minor in Web Development, 2006 – 2010 cum laude.}
\title{Languages and Technologies}
\bulpoint{Python, JavaScript, AWK, Bash, C, jQuery, HTML/CSS}
\bulpoint{AWS, GNU/Linux, macOS, Git, Docker, Terraform, MariaDB, GStreamer, WebRTC, Nginx, \TeX{}}
\bulpoint{Familiar with: C++, GLib, Java, RTSP, Make}
\bulpoint{Perspective Gallery - Work selected for LENSE 2011 juried exhibition}
\bulpoint{Poet and Didn't Know it Award - The American Computer Experience 1998}
\title{Speaking Engagements}
\bulpoint{''Net Art Anatomy'' workshop, Mozilla Festival, London, October 2014}
\title{Shared Exhibitions}
\bulpoint{2011 - Perspective Gallery, LENSE 2011.}
\bulpoint{2011 - Photography B.A. + B.F.A. Manifest Exhibit.}
\bulpoint{Columbia College Chicago Permanent Collection}
\bulpoint{There and Back (Again): Homebrew Computer Club at 38. Rhizome Journal. December 16, 2013.}