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c8's functions as of 06/Nov/12


.ddg - duckduckgo (feeling lucky, works with !bang commands)
.!bang - shorthand for .ddg !bang
Some popular bangs are promoted to work without the !, notably:

  • .gis [url] - search an image on google images
  • .bulba - search Bulbapedia
  • .pcgw - PCGamingWiki
  • .mcwiki - Minecraft Wiki
  • .uesp - UESP Wiki
  • .steam - Steam store

.gs - duckduckgo search result page
.g - google (feeling lucky)
.yt - youtube
.wiki - wikipedia
.imdb -
.amzn -
.a(ni)db - search anidb
.i(mgops) - return the ImgOps page for an image
.w(eather) [zipcode] - it remembers
.lastfm [username] - it remembers too
.isup [url] - see if a website is really down
.x(e)/.c(alc)/.cvt - google calculator and unit conversions
.rpn - god help me
.ai(rtime) - search upcoming anime or just display some
.time - returns the current time in a place (Uses Wolfram Alpha)

misc triggers

.flip - flip a coin
.roll [#d#] - roll some dice
.rose - a dice game. figure it out yourself
.choose - choose one item of a list (separate multi-word choices with commas, and separate comma-separated lists of choices with pipes)
.8ball - ask a question
.sin - choose one of the seven deadly sins
.farnsworth - get a random quote from professor farnsworth
.anime/.animu - suggest a random, decent anime (list chosen [largely] by consensus in #anime)
.hex - given a number in base-ten, return it in hex
.help - link this page

other junk

  • link a tweet and it will be read to the channel
  • link a shortened url (,, etc) and get the ultimate url back