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An unofficial Gentoo Overlay that enables installation of Canonical's "Snappy" backbone as well as other packages. if you use other overlays consider running or to add extra overlay specific configuration files as symlinks. profiles are designed to add to gentoo and keep repoman (a lil bit) happier. that being said, the main two profiles are default/linux/amd64/17.0/systemd (personal laptop) and default/linux/amd64/17.0/desktop/plasma/systemd (personal desktop). in the profiles preference is made for masking packages with no clear versioning. the profile mask handles old dependencies, binaries and bad versioning. the mask/* handles overlay specific stuff so the best ebuilds from each overlay are hopefully used.

note that you may need to set dev-python/pypy low-memory and dev-util/cmake -system-jsoncpp in your package.use to avoid circular dependencies upon initial profile migration.

ebuilds from ::whiledev, ::rindeal and ::nginx-overlay have been added in order to preserve them as the overlays have since been deleted

##Current defaults

jdk: openjdk 11, a transition to 8 is being considered for performance reasons kernel: 5.3+, a transition to using an automated build is being considered. kernel-compiler: gcc kernel-linker: bfd linker: lld browser: chrome-78+, a transition to firefox-78+ and vivaldi (for quick 'n' dirty chromium compatibility) is being considered as a more optimal choice compiler: defaults to gcc for now, further research required fortran compiler (when needed): intel fortran compiler overlays: layman ( for mercurial compatibility ) python: 2_7,3_7,pypy,pypy3

##Possible future QA -ensure only virtual/libffi is used until it disappears -ensure shortest possible python target strings

##Packaging differences

There are differences in packaging. most notably: -by default the world file is empty and replaced by sys-apps/world, which features descriptive use flags designed to help you choose what to use -virtual/linux sources is still available but it is versioned and slotted to various kernel versions. -app-misc/mime-types is now a virtual package, due to two choices being in this overlay

Add the Overlay

You at least need to install dev-vcs/git, so if you wish feel to pre-emptively run:

# sudo emerge -1a dev-vcs/git

You can use manual methods to add the overlay, however I feel that using an overlay manager is far better, so I will only detail those methods.

Using eselect-repository

This is the recommended software. Install using the following command:

# sudo emerge -a dev-vcs/git app-eselect/eselect-repository

Add the overlay:

# sudo eselect repository add prototype99 git

Sync overlay:

# sudo emerge --sync prototype99

Using layman

This is considered to be deprecated software. Install using the following command:

# sudo emerge -a app-portage/layman[git]

Add the overlay:

# sudo layman -a prototype99

Sync overlay:

# sudo emerge --sync prototype99


This overlay is gradually being worked on less due to a gradual switch to the paludis package manager. If this would interest you please look at the newer fork: blood-of-the-chimera



includes extra python3_7 compatibility



mars mips32 assembly language simulator


BROKEN 2.31.1+ installs correctly, however it does not function. newer builds are thanks to Based off of Docker being available within this portage category, snapd is there as well. Installation of older versions will draw in sys-apps/snap-confine as a dependency. post installation make sure to run the command systemctl enable --now snapd.service. note that you must have apparmor


Based off of the bobwya ebuild. Includes a patch to make the steam browser work without any extra effort on the user's end.


ARCHIVED work in progress. software that allows the manipulation of pdf files.



changed to use cluster edition and skips the licence check because it doesn't work



The GLib library of C routines

dev-libs/intel common

changed to use cluster edition and skips the licence check because it doesn't work


features a fixed dependency (gtk-doc pulls in gtk-doc-am and is also required it seems) and a more up to date homepage url


elementary overlay's ebuild with a build error fixed and some improvements in ebuild writing


ebuild to try pypy



ARCHIVED includes extra python3_7 compatibility


includes extra python3_7 compatibility


ARCHIVED fixed dependency version of the libressl ebuild. archived due to presence in upstream overlay


includes a patch designed to remove an error


tex, except it builds as a 1.6 java target for newer java versions that can't handle 1.5


WORK IN PROGRESS gitkraken ebuild based off of the anomen and chaoslab overlay ebuilds. anomen is used as the base as it was closer to the layout of an official ebuild. added in from the chaoslab ebuild: newer copyright date, runtime dependencies, metadata.xml (with updated authors). personal edits: copied most up to date description from website, got rid of electron slot variable as it is unneeded.


firestorm ebuilds with a functional url and better depends


ARCHIVED an attempt to add a new use flag. development halted as steam for linux actually uses system libraries if they are newer.





a modified version of the official ebuild with the ability to run as admin through sudo using the opensuse patch. This is supposedly less secure but functions closer to how a user would expect it to. credits to for the patch in 18.08.3+. it also has an audiocd useflag enabling you to manage the dependencies for opening cds as a directory with a simple useflag.


a modified version of the official ebuild with the ability to disable or enable powerdevil as needed with an aptly named use flag. on a desktop pc power management software does not always make sense. newer versions also have a minimal use flag to allow using the plasma-meta package for just certain components including the new kate and ksysguard related use flags.


newer version than available elsewhere. mailspring is a partially closed source mail client with a large number of features


attempt at creating a non binary version to reduce headaches caused by the binary. mailspring is a partially closed source mail client with a large number of features


based on the ::bobwya ebuild. contains some debian and mozilla/freebsd patches from ::pg-overlay, notably disabling some tests and adding more arm64 support (renamed to make more sense, all fixed in mozilla 61), based on use flags. also contains a patch to hide gtk2 behind nsplugin/NPAPI, the only thing that uses it.





includes extra python compatibility


ARCHIVED includes extra python3_7 compatibility


includes a patch to allow lto, credits to ::lto-overlay


includes a required dependency that is missing from the official ebuild.


includes extra python3_7 compatibility and more detailed dependencies



includes the ubuntu patch that adds openssl-1.1 compatibility


fork of logisim-evolution with improved performance based on ebuilds from ::logisim-overlay


ARCHIVED mirror of the rindeal ebuild, version is bumped. archived until further notice due to issues


::libressl ebuild modified to only apply patch if you enable the use flag


BROKEN Provides sandbox type isolation of individual snap packages. This is a dependency of snapd proper. Although newer versions seem to no longer require snap-confine due to a merge, it is still required for the older versions which i see no real reason to remove, gentoo is about choice after all, if you want an older version feel free.


Has additional patch to fix problems with gold


Built with gcc8 compatibility patches.


Has additional clang use flag that adds the lld patch seen at



has a patch that allows longer arguments


virtual package designed to accomodate almost all kernel ebuilds present in overlays


a large metapackage designed to aid in choosing the correct packages


virtual package modified to accomodate those who may want steam's proton to provide their wine


firefox ebuild created using the bobwya and pg_overlay ebuilds. this ebuild contains various extra use flags and extra patches designed to improve performance and give greater choice.


just a simple version bump, I was impatient.


why isn't there snapd without systemd?

I have not yet been able to test this out enough to comfortably say it is possible, however here are some ways that could remove the need for systemd: -use to convert the systemd services into openrc services (credit to necrose99 for the suggestion!) -take inspiration from gnome without systemd -try and adapt ubuntu's old approach from back when they used the upstart init system -see if elogind can be used

why are there ebuilds without file extensions?

these are in production or archived, and thus not considered stable enough for real use. I have since switched to just sticking them in branches in case I want to work on them later, so this faq item may soon disappear

why are some of the listed packages lacking a description?

they have a readme/changelog in their directory

why is the package list incomplete?

yeah, I should automate that some time

can I add one of the overlay branches?

those really are not intended for non-development use.


DidOS overlay, comes in gentoo and funtoo editions






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