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  • Make server scripts less (read: not) dependent upon...
    • Ubuntu
    • The location of
    • Apache
    • Bash
  • Rewrite DPB to either use Django itelf to render project files, or at least generate new projects the way Django does
    • E.g., render something like {{ project_name }} instead of using %(PROJECT_NAME)s
  • Add modular support for non-git source control (hg, bzr, etc) system
  • Use stdin/out/err pipes to show output during pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Ensure the existence of all required programs
    • E.g., pip, virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper, bash, and preferably git
  • Add python migrate to server's git hooks
  • Fix cpvirtualenv bug in or create our own replacement
    • Create the dpb-default virtualenv, then copy it when creating new projects
      • cp -r ~/.virtualenvs/dpb-default ~/.virtualenvs/NEW_PROJECT_NAME
      • Replace #!/home/username/.virtualenvs/dpb-default/bin/python with #!/home/username/.virtualenvs/NEW_PROJECT_NAME/bin/python
  • Add above TODO items to GitHub's ticketing system

Possible TODO

  • Re-write server scripts using argparse
  • Combine the server scripts into one program

Future TODO

  • Use distutils to make a
  • Deploy DPB to PyPI


  • Server should use something like lynx -dump 2>&1 | awk '{print $4}' | grep ^[0-9] in place of the generic
  • Create or equivalent
  • Add Bootstrap and non-Bootstrap options
  • Make it so everything can be relative rather than absolute
  • Make more files generic
  • Clean up files
  • Organize folders
  • Write Contributors
  • Write Credits
  • If user is in a virtualenv, get out of it (or tell them to) before executing
  • Tell user not to create virtualenv (we do it for them!)
  • Write README
  • Write Quick Start docs
  • Much more