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alignment Merge branch 'dev' of git:// into dev Jan 21, 2019
api FIX: prefetching + filtering for reducing load Dec 5, 2018
api_gpcr update url pattern for new django (1.10) Jan 11, 2016
build Optimise build_homology_models_zip to load quicker. Optimise queries … Mar 15, 2019
build_gpcr annotation, structure build bug fixes, including YCM residues in build Mar 6, 2019
common reenable caching in alignment. Mar 14, 2019
construct Add columns to construct experimental browser Mar 7, 2019
contactnetwork Slice maps for common set between pairs of pdbs to get distance right… Mar 12, 2019
drugs reset migrations Jan 17, 2018
family UPDATE: longer caching of family results Dec 10, 2018
home Added year-to-date and last 30 days users to main page. Mar 5, 2019
interaction UPDATE: refined the residue-residue interactions Dec 10, 2018
ligand Merge branch 'dev' of ssh:// Apr 13, 2018
logs Initial commit Jan 19, 2015
media Added a media directory Apr 14, 2015
mutation Replace crystal with 'structures' Jul 16, 2018
mutational_landscape FIX: caching of the variation browser results Dec 13, 2018
news reset migrations Jan 17, 2018
pages new release stuff and fix for construct browser Sep 21, 2016
phylogenetic_trees Fixes, fixes everywhere (django 1.10 and urlpatterns). Aug 16, 2016
protein Import and viewing of new coupling data Mar 2, 2019
protwis Added year-to-date and last 30 days users to main page. Mar 5, 2019
residue fixes Jan 7, 2019
seqsign CLEANUP: simplified Dec 13, 2018
signprot Various clean-up and a bit of commenting. Mar 8, 2019
similaritymatrix CLEANUP: commented redundant stats calculation for similarity matrix Oct 22, 2018
similaritysearch BUG: Z-scales missing in similarity/identity layout Jan 23, 2019
sitesearch Further fix to site definition read from file. Proper read of 'custom… Jan 31, 2017
static Merge branch 'dev' of into dev Mar 11, 2019
structure model download fix Mar 18, 2019
tools/management/commands Added features to sanity script check_structure_residues Mar 12, 2019
.gitignore dataset is for now inline; Sep 14, 2018
LICENSE Added license file and notice Sep 25, 2015
NOTICE Added license file and notice Sep 25, 2015 Updated installation instructions in README. It's now just a link the… Jan 22, 2016 Initial commit Jan 19, 2015 Added views for arrestin alignments Sep 27, 2017

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