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Thunderbird Conversations release process
1. Sending the addon to Babelzilla.
- Go to Babelzilla, make a backup of the locales.
- Upload the addon with all locales disabled (otherwise, overwrites the
changes that happened on Babelzilla in the meantime).
2. Fetching the translations from Babelzilla
- Go to the dashboard page
- Make sure all "download" items are checked
- Download the locales with missing strings replaced
- Extract in the locale/ directory
- Check for new translated snippets in BZ_Localized.txt, add them into
- Add missing lines in chrome.manifest
- Check the encoding of all files:
find locale/ -type f -not -iname '.*' | xargs file | egrep -v '(UTF-8|ASCII)'
- Make sure Babelzilla did not mess up backslashes:
cd locale && ack-grep 0020
- Make sure Babelzilla did not mess up HTML entities:
cd locale && ack-grep sendArchive
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