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Pdf-preview problem #666

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Hi there. I kinda have a problem with pdf-preview. I'm using Thunderbird to manage several Email accounts. The weird thing is that pdf-preview works fine only with my imap account (gmail) and for all the other pop3 accounts it's not working at all (like hotmail). I can only see blank page even without tab title, just blank. When I move the mail to my gmail account and it works again......The error console shows "URIError: malformed URI sequence
chrome://conversations/content/pdfviewer/wrapper.js line: 122"
I'm only an usual user and can't figure out the reason.It's not a big issue but still I hope it can be fixed if it's possible. I'm using thunderbird 16.0.1 (chinese) with conversation version 2.5.2.


sorry, Iike I said, just an usual user, don't think I have that skill......maybe it's just my computer.
Take your time, really not too big a thing. But if you would be able to take a look sometime in the future, would be very grateful.


I just tried this and I cannot reproduce, unfortunately.

  • If you move your email to another folder (e.g. a local folder), does it work there?
  • If you move it back to your pop3 folder, does it work again?
  • Are there any special characters in your attachment?
  • Does right-clicking on a folder then hitting "properties", then "repair this folder" help?

Thanks for the effort. For your questions:

  1. It doesn't work if I move my mail to another folder.
  2. No, it only works under my imap account. Once I move it to a pop3 account, it won't work. When I move it back (any folder under imap account) and it works again.
  3. I've tried several mails with pdf attachment (different languages, scan-file), they all only work under imap account.
  4. repair this folder doesn't help......
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