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An extension for Thunderbird 3.0+ that allows you to sort folders in the folder pane.
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Manually Sort Folders

Tested on:

openSUSE 15.1 with Thunderbird 68.0 (email accounts only)
Windows 10 x64 with Thunderbird 68.0 (64-bit) (email accounts only)

NOT tested:

All other setups


Please be careful using this updated plugin. It can kill your Thunderbird account config.
Make a backup of your Thunderbird profile.


This extension for Thunderbird 68+ adds a “Manually sort folders” entry into the Tools menu. Use it to, hum, manually sort your accounts and folders (that was obvious, wasn’t it?).

I sometimes put a development version online, but over the past eight years, I’ve only updated this add-on twice, as it is very stable; so your best bet is to just stick with the publicly available version on ATN.

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