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Mezzo, a programming language with permissions

Please see the website for more information, including documentation, papers, blog posts, and even youtube videos.

Installing Mezzo

Mezzo is now in OPAM, just run opam install mezzo.

Learning Mezzo

There's a sample project for you to get started, and a tutorial that's nowhere near finished. We have a website with more research-y material.

Hacking on Mezzo

If you want to hack on the compiler itself, you need:

  • OCaml 4.01.0
  • a properly-working ocamlfind command,
  • the following packages: menhir, yojson, ulex, pprint, functory, fix

We recommend OPAM to easily install these dependencies. Once the dependencies are met, just run:


This configures Mezzo and builds it locally. That is, you are not expected to use make install. The Mezzo executable exists locally, and you can run it from there, possibly adding the Mezzo source directory to your PATH.

From there on you can hack on the compiler, write new modules in stdlib, etc. Our website has online links with the auto-generated documentation for the compiler.

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