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@@ -14,24 +14,22 @@ Requirements
* Cygwin with the mingw64 compiler suite, 32bit version (i686-w64-mingw32).
-* FlexDLL (at least 0.27)
+* FlexDLL (at least 0.29)
* the NSISunz plugin for NSIS, that lives somewhere on the NSIS wiki
+Instructions for building an new version of the installer
The instructions above sometimes use the `c:\...`-style paths, sometimes the
`/c/...`-style paths. This is significant, and you cannot blindly replace one
for another.
1. Install FlexDLL from Alain's website, and
* `export PATH=/cygdrive/c/path/to/flexdll:$PATH`
- * `export FLEXLINKFLAGS="-Lc:/cygwin/usr/i686-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/lib/
- -Lc:/cygwin/lib/gcc/i686-w64-mingw32/N.N.N/"` where `N.N.N` is the version
- of GCC that ships with your Cygwin setup.
2. Refresh the files in the `flexdll/` directory of the installer, so that the
- resulting installer ships the right version of flexdll.
+ resulting installer ships the right version of flexdll (optional,
+ recommended).
2. Grab a copy of ActiveTCL and install it, leave the default path (`c:\tcl`).
2. Grab a copy of the OCaml sources, and keep the default install path
(`c:\ocamlmgw`), this will make your life easier.
@@ -42,9 +40,11 @@ for another.
* Configure the Makefile so that the output directory is
* Run `make` in that directory.
+3. Checkout a copy of OCamlWin from the OCaml forge, edit Makefile.local and
+ `make && make install`.
4. Install NSIS, grab `nsisunz.dll` somewhere on the interwebs and put it NSIS's
`Plugins` directory.
-5. Make sure `/c/ocamlmgw/bin` is in your path.
+5. Make sure `/cygdrive/c/ocamlmgw/bin` is in your path.
5. In the `ocaml-installer` directory (i.e. this repo), run `make`. This should
create a variety of files:
* `version.nsh`, a NSIS header file that is generated to contain the freshly
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