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+The OCaml Installer for Windows
+These are the source files if you want to rebuild the installer. If you just
+want to download the installer, see the "website" link near the top of the
+* MinGW/MSYS (__not__ Cygwin)
+* FlexDLL
+* the NSISunz plugin for NSIS, that lives somewhere on the NSIS wiki
+As of 2011-09-14, the OCaml sources require patching in order to build properly.
+This is mostly Makefile tweaking and should be integrated soon on trunk.
+The instructions above sometimes use the `c:\...`-style paths, sometimes the
+`/c/...`-style paths. This is significant, and you cannot blindly replace one
+for another.
+1. Install FlexDLL from Alain's website, and
+ * `export PATH=/path/to/flexdll:$PATH`
+ * `export FLEXLINKFLAGS="-L/mingw/lib -L/mingw/lib/gcc/mingw32/N.N.N"` where
+ `N.N.N` is the version of GCC that ships with your MinGW/MSYS setup.
+2. Grab a copy of ActiveTCL and install it, leave the default path (`c:\tcl`).
+2. Grab a copy of the OCaml sources, and keep the default install path
+ (`c:\ocamlmgw`), this will make your life easier.
+3. Follow the instructions in `README.Win32`, section "MinGW/Cygwin" (but of
+ course you're not using Cygwin, nevermind). Try to compile OCaml. Swear. Try
+ again. Grab a tea. Succeed. Be happy.
+3. Go into the `emacs/` directory.
+ * Make sure there's an `emacs.exe` in your path (install Emacs if you have to).
+ * Configure the Makefile so that the output directory is
+ `/c/ocamlmgw/emacsfiles`.
+ * Run `make` in that directory.
+4. Install NSIS, grab `nsisunz.dll` somewhere on the interwebs and put it NSIS's
+ `Plugins` directory.
+5. Make sure `/c/ocamlmgw/bin` is in your path.
+5. In the `ocaml-installer` directory (i.e. this repo), run `make`. This should
+ create a variety of files:
+ * `version.nsh`, a NSIS header file that is generated to contain the freshly
+ compiled OCaml's version number,
+ * `uninstall_lines.nsi`, an OCaml-generated list of files to remove from the
+ install directory.
+6. Make should also launch NSIS with the main script file, and hopefully it
+ should all generate an installer. The installer is quite big (thank you
+ camlp4).
+Bugs, issues
+All patches should be submitted using GitHub pull requests. All issues should be
+filed using the GitHug issue tracker.

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