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I have configured Thunderbird to use our corporate addressbook for autocompletion of email addresses. When I use classic composing window it gets me proper addresses. When I use conversation view I see a lot of other emails in autocompletion, including legacy ones. Is there something I can do on my side to work around this issue?


protz commented Jul 24, 2014

Unfortunately, the legacy autocomplete engine, which the classic compose window uses, is a nightmare to work with, so Conversations uses the newer "gloda" infrastructure, which also powers the global search feature (accessible with Ctrl-K). Gloda works by indexing all emails, remembering the identities involved, and sorting them by frequency. Unfortunately, it has no option for limiting the results to a specified address book (although I suspect it can be done relatively easily). It has no support for LDAP either.

Are you using a LDAP corporate address book? If yes, there's no fix I can offer that doesn't require me to massively rewrite the code.


~ jonathan

That's too bad :( I use LDAP corporate address book indeed.

arty-name closed this Jul 24, 2014

Thanks for quick response though! And for all the good parts of Conversations :)


protz commented Jul 24, 2014

There's been talks for years and years of upgrading the address book infrastructure, but right now, it remains a decade-old API... so it's a tradeoff. Gloda seems like a good compromise, until a newer, better API for the address book shows up! Thanks for understanding :)

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