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Thunderbird Conversations

Thunderbird Conversations is a Thunderbird extension which, as the name implies, enables a conversation view in your Thunderbird. Notable features include:
- a regular conversation view that fetches messages from all folders, and behaves just like Gmail’s
- integration with Thunderbird Contacts: participants have tooltips in the conversation, and you can view their avatars and profiles from Facebook, Twitter…
- a quick reply feature, with autocomplete, that allows you to reply to a thread in a snap,
- and a few other bonus features.

Are you a user? You might want to check the FAQ before reporting an issue. Would you like to share some feedback? Head over to GetSatisfaction: Ask a question | Others’ questions!

Documentation is available in the Thunderbird FLOSS manual. There is a French version available.

Are you having troubles integrating Thunderbird Conversations with another extension? There’s a Wiki page for Incompatible Addons. Please add your own experiences, it is a wiki!

In addition to threading enhancements, Thunderbird Conversations adds many features to Thunderbird, obsoleting several other addons. Here is a list of addons that Thunderbird Conversations replaces.

Looking for Bugzilla + Conversations instructions? Read BzConversations.

This is the developer portal. The stable version of this addon is available on addons.mozilla.org. I regularly upload development builds on my personal website. Hit the “Issues” link above if you want to report a bug.